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From the farm to the retail shelves, Streamland controls the process from start to finish. The piece in the middle is a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is MPI approved (New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries). It’s here that our proud and highly qualified personnel ensure the entire Streamland range is prepared and packaged in a way that retains its natural goodness.


Creating the best possible manufacturing environment to produce natural health products requires significant investment. Streamland’s technologically advanced epicentre was specifically sited in Rotorua to ensure easy access to both primary resources and, thanks to close proximity to the Port of Tauranga international markets.


Technologically advanced, this humming epicentre is located in the centre of one of New Zealand’s most visited tourist cities, Rotorua.

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 ROTORUA-based Streamland Honey Plant picked up the emerging exporter award at this year’s ExportNZ BOP Awards because of the company’s “amazing growth” since being launched in 2014, said the judges. Streamland has grown its staff from four to 12 and now exports to Australia, China, Singapore and Indonesia, with Japan also likely to be added. “Streamland Honey has utilised years of knowledge and in-market relationships to launch this new venture strongly into the NZ honey export market,” the judges said. “Having designed their own custom-built plant and differentiated their product range from others, they have maximised their considerable growth of revenue ever since starting only a couple of years ago.” The company is owned by Brett and Maggie Bargh, with Brett serving as general manager and Maggie as chief director.

To support best practice processes, and to meet growing demand, Streamland has recently acquired all-new plant and equipment. What’s more, sophisticated monitoring assessment and processing computer technology is literally hard-wired into the production process to ensure all products are manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Product development is also factored into future plans and the new facilities provide the space Streamland needs to rapidly expand its range without causing any growing pains. Which is a good for Rotorua, New Zealand and our increasing number of customers, both locally and around the world.