Manuka Honey




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Manuka Honey 5+

We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy our honey. And, at this price, there’s a good chance our honey will often be in your shopping cart. Enjoy!

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Manuka Honey 10+

Pure Streamland honey and with infused fruit options to add to the sensational taste. The UMF rating system tells us there are useful levels of Manuka in 10+ UMF honey.

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Manuka Honey 15+

Spoonsful of the good. Jam-packed with goodness it’s little wonder the UMF rating system tells us the levels of Manuka in this honey get the tick of approval.

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Manuka Honey 20+

20 + UMF honey is rare and highly sought-after. We call it our premium honey as honey just doesn't get any better than this. 

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BEEGO UMF 15+ 250g

BEEGO, as a subsidiary brand of Streamland Honey Group, embodies the group's business philosophy, management system, and stringent quality control requirements, providing customers with premium New Zealand honey.

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BEEGO UMF 20+ 250g

BEEGO brand honey focuses on offering consumers unique floral honey sourced from New Zealand, preserving its original flavor and rich texture to the fullest extent. Bringing this sweet essence of New Zealand to the world.

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