New Zealand ticks all the honey boxes. This Kiwi cool land has: rich, volcanic soils; pure water; un-polluted air; lush vegetation; a moderate temperature… and frolicking bees aplenty.

We’re so happy to say this is Streamland’s home.

Streamland is a proud “Kiwi” owned and operated company. Honey is our world and we please millions of consumers world-wide. We produce a whole range of honey including blends and fruit infusions that we are very proud of. Our quality offering includes the famous Manuka. Our honey and additional ingredients, such as our fruit, are selected for their quality and sourced exclusively from the pristine farmlands and orchards of New Zealand’s north and south islands. Streamland honey really is very special. We’re very proud to bring it to your table. Enjoy!



The aim of our beekeeping is to protect the bees and hives from risk of contamination, to protect the environment during harvesting and to keep our people safe throughout the process

Strong Support

We have strong partnerships with local bee keeping associations. This partnership allows our beekeepers to manage and to follow place guidelines and policies to ensure the highest grade honey and best quality processes as detailed under our Ethical Honey Harvest Programme.

High Skilled

These highly skilled and incredibly passionate people tend to thousands of hives which are strategically placed on land abundant with Mānuka trees, thanks to the commitment and support of our landowner partners.